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12 Volt Solutions is not your average car stereo shop. Fancy wheels and window tint have nothing to do with great sound, so you won't find 'em here. You will find great car audio and security products and a skilled technician to install them. This is not a high volume, low quality shop. We don't use terms like, "elite", "custom", "discount", or "performance" to get people in the door. Straight forward and honest is the way we roll. We may not always follow the herd, but noone wants that anyway. From the vinyl stickers on the door, the steel sales counter, and even this website, everything you experience is 12 Volt Solutions. We made it, this is what we are, where we've been, and where we're going.

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Focal has been a leader in the international high-end audio industry since 1979. Today, thanks to more than 35 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing speaker drivers, the brand's innovation, its know-how and its authentic high-fidelity sound are reputed worldwide.

Created in 1990, the Car Audio department enabled Focal to provide car and music enthusiasts with hi-fi sound: the perfect combination of driving pleasure with the joys of audiophile sound. Innovation, tradition, performance and pleasure are Focal's key values; they characterize "the Spirit of Sound".

Focal's car audio products are organised into three categories: Elite; Performance; Integration. Each category is designed for different uses and ways of listening to music. Whether it's a customised Elite installation or a "plug and play" kit from their Integration line, the quality of manufacturing and the care for a refined finish are just as important.

JL Audio

JL Audio banner

JL Audio arguably makes the best sounding subwoofers on the planet. Featuring a host of patented and innovative technologies and assembly techniques, their lineup from the entry level WX series to the benchmark W7 models provides something for everyone. The perfect compliment to the perfect subwoofer has to be the perfect amplifier. JL Audio Slash series of amplifiers boasts an almost cult like following in the industry, and their XD and HD amplifiers exemplify their never ending pursuit to lead the way into the next generation of awesome sound.


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Kenwood has been a leader in communication and car entertainment for decades. Their innovative and ground breaking products have helped shape the entire industry. Every significant manufacturer has followed in their footsteps and to this very day makes products with features pioneered by Kenwood. Hard to believe? Where do you think pro-active radio security started and who introduced the polypropylene speaker cone? That's right, the answer is Kenwood.

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-- Go to Las Vegas (hint: the one in Nevada)
-- Find The Orleans Casino (It's on West Tropicana).
-- Cameron Street is on the West side of The Orleans.
-- Take Cameron Street South until you pass the Hacienda intersection.
-- Slow down.
-- Turn right into the parking lot. If you miss the first entrance, turn into the second and drive back around the building.

12 Volt Solutions is the second door (#116) from the street on the North side of the building.

If you get lost along the way, please call/text (702) 650-4444 for more detailed directions.